Call for interview participants

Do you create choreography for digital spaces and online audiences? 

Do you work with movement styles related to:

  • Indian dance forms such as Bharata Natyam, Kathak and Bollywood; or
  • Hip Hop, African dance practices and different forms of street dance; or 
  • contemporary dance?

We are looking for artists working within or in relation to these genres to be interviewed as part of Moving Online: Ontology and Ownership of Internet Dance, a research project that explores what it is that dance artists make and own online. 

The interviews would take about an hour and happen online. The conversation would focus on questions about the types of things that the artist creates and what it is that they own when they make and share dances online. Artists could choose whether what they say in the interview is treated anonymously in research outputs or whether they’d prefer to be named. We can offer £50 as a contribution towards freelance artists’ time spent on the interview.

If you would like more details or would like to take part, please email: and we will be in touch.